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Filmmaker . Director .

Previously a Producer and Assistant Director attached with a few local production houses in Malaysia for the last 9 years.

He started as a Talent Coordinator at Image CE, a company owned by the exuberant former Miss Malaysia, Yasmin Yussof. There, he worked as a talent coordinator for 3 years and learned more in-depth about the advertising world.

From there, he moved on to producing works for local production houses in Malaysia . Among them are Leeon Films, Renaissance Films, Film Point, Barney Productions and Regional Films.

In the year 2001 he decided to dabble into assistant directing on a freelance basis for JHA, a local production house where he worked closely in assisting Director Joe Hasham.
He took his giant leap into directing on a full time basis when he attached himself to local production house, Film point. There, he proved himself a worthy film director as he made several TV commercials for local and foreign clients. Kenny’s patience paid off when his commercials were recognized regionally among those in the advertising and film industry. The first being a Creativity 31 award for his EON commercial ‘Nian’ (for the 2001 CNY campaign). He was also nominated under the Best Director for a Foreign Film category at the Malaysian Video Awards 2002 for his Vietnamese effort ‘Beer 333’.

In 2007 he moved to Vietnam to direct a 52 episode Baby Program Gia Dinh A+,which is a concept 123 Baby program bought over from Malaysia reformat for Vietnam TV, then In 2008 he directed yet another TV program for HTV9 Vietnam ,a 26 episode Female program (3T) both shows are from an adaptation from Malaysia TV .In 2009 he directed another TV program (Say I Do )for Vietnam TV which is an adaptation program from Media Corp Singapore.

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