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   Queries about Film Director Kenny Chan KY service .

     Directing Services:

  • TV Commercial

  • Viral Video Commercial

  • Corporate Video

  • Music Video

  • Sales Video

  • Movie Commercial

  • Adult Film


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+84703382841 (Vietnam)


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Skype - live:kennychandirector


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Director Fee ,Terms and Condition

Director fee varies according to story board Concept.

(minimum USD9900 nett per day shoot -per-board), director fee.

Production House,Agency or Client to Cover below listed.


Director fee excludes:


  1. Flight ticket

  2. Work Visa Application or Work Permit  (Production Company or Agency to cover if any)

  3. Director Fee Tax (to be cover by Production House or Client on specific job)

  4. Hotel Accommodation

  5. Transportation fee

  6. Per Diem USD100.00 per-day


Production Company or Agency to cover the above (1 to 6)




Director Fee ,Terms and condition:

  • 1st 50 % fee (Nett) to be paid to Director once Job is confirm before attending 1st Pre-Production Meeting.

  • Final 50% director fee (Nett) to be paid after Shoot Day.

  • Job Cancellation Production Company or Agency will bare cancellation of Rejection Fee 25% of agreed director fee.

  • Director Fee are to be paid in USD by Cash or TT bank in.

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